Parking Garages

Many parking garages today have rushed to install new technology, thinking that adding a computer system or a fancy automated cashier will drive profits. However, implemented incorrectly, it will only serve to frustrate customers and leave you with an empty garage.
365 Parking is a master in all aspects of properly managing a parking garage.  While some parking operators may simply adjust your operating hours, we dive in to understand every aspect of your facility.  What is your mix of monthly versus daily parkers?  How do event traffic flows in the area affect your business?  When are your peak ingress and egress times?  What is your average transaction time?  All of these questions, and many more, can drastically affect your bottom line.

In addition, we understand parking from the customer’s perspective and effectively implement solutions that drive customer loyalty.  Facility maintenance, multiple payment options, social media & online advertising, and high quality customer service are just some of the many things that 365 Parking understands to achieve the highest return on your investment.