Surface Lots

parking signSurface lots can seem so simple – a flat piece of land, an entrance, an exit, and a cashier.  What you may not know is how much money you may be missing out on – or how much is not being reported at all.  Surface lots can provide a wealth of opportunity but they must be managed properly in order to drive traffic, reduce slippage, and maintain an appropriate mix of types of parkers that will maximize the profit for your lot.  365 Parking takes a dimensional approach to managing surface lots and by asking the right questions including:

  • Are there ways that customers can enter or exit without paying?
  • What do I have to properly audit transactions and revenues?
  • Are there ways that transactions may not make it into the audit trail?
  • Are my rates appropriate for the market?
  • Am I selling the right number of monthly permits?
  • Am I driving all the traffic I can to my lot for special events?

365 Parking will get the answers these questions, dismiss speculation and develop innovative solutions to make your location a market leader.